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The 3 Reasons Instagram Will Be Around Much Longer Than You Think

And Why You Need to Capitalize NOW So You Aren’t Left Behind!

Remember when everyone said, (probably including yourself), that Facebook wouldn’t last 5 years?

And then it did.

But wait! Remember when skeptics thought it was just a fad, and didn’t believe it provided any market/economic value, and so there was NO way it would be around at the 10 year mark?

And then…it did.

Facebook’s market cap is now over $435 billion, as of last month, and is only 13 years old. To compare, when I was 13 years old and had my Bar-Mitzvah, I only raked in a few thousand dollars. Let’s just say, Facebook is set, and it hasn’t even hit puberty yet.

At this point, you’re probably wondering why the only thing we’ve talked about is Facebook, when the article clearly states that we are supposed to be talking about Instagram.

Great question, I’m glad you asked.

My response?

The Instagram we know today would not be the same without Facebook, and so to understand the future of Instagram, we must first understand the past of Facebook.

So, now that we have that out of the way, why don’t we talk about why Instagram will be around for much, much longer than anyone anticipated, and why you need to begin spending more time and resources creating a community there.

1)  If you know Facebook’s past you can predict Instagram’s Future

Here’s the thing.

When Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion, Instagram was averaging about 30 million active users.

It was a dominant force in the photo sharing space, and it was very mobile friendly. And that’s about all it had going for it.

One thing Mark Zuckerburg, the founder of Facebook, has clearly shown he is capable of and excels at, is pivoting and adapting faster than anyone in order to dominate a space.

As we’ve seen with Facebook time and time again, if there is a feature the consumer base wants or needs, they are 10000x faster at adapting to them than any other social network, mainly due to their massive amount of resources and talent.

And, as the baby brother of Facebook, Instagram has now inherited all of the perks, and those who watched Instagram practically rip Snapchat’s stories from them, knows what I’m talking about. They move fast, and they move hard.

2) Data is KING

We’ve all heard the phrase, but by now Facebook probably owns it.

With just over 2 billion…yes…almost ⅓ of the world’s population, on Facebook, there isn’t much Facebook doesn’t know about you, me, the 30 person village in Africa, or the President of the United States.

Adding yet another benefit of having Facebook as your older brother, Instagram has access to data which, when analyzed and used correctly, can help direct almost ANY company in the direction which will most benefit their clients/advertising partners/consumer base.

My guess is, Facebook doesn’t have any problems with sharing.

3) The Algorithm Worked

Now, let’s clear the air here…if you’re a content creator/blogger/influencer, I am not talking about it working FOR you, I mean it working FOR the community of Instagram users who are not using it as a platform to build a business-aka-the consumers.

You may see articles left and right about how the algorithm has ruined Instagram, blah blah blah. Here’s what you’re hearing: the people who make $$$ from Instagram complaining because it made their job more difficult.

What the Algorithm actually did was make the everyday experience for the average user of Instagram less like drinking out of a firehose and more like sipping on a glass of Perrier sparkling water.

Why, do you ask?

Because as we’ve seen with Twitter, over time, as you follow more and more people, the chronological feed really doesn’t work out so well, I mean do you really want to see what all 500-1000 of the people you’re following are doing every single day?

Probably not, and you don’t have time for that regardless.

Twitter failed to adapt as Facebook did, and it isn’t difficult to determine why their active users are plummeting every quarter.

Bottom line: Instagram’s algorithm has made it so you only see the posts from people who you interact with the most, aka the people you really care about seeing consistently.

I doubt I need to go any further. By now you can begin to understand the basics of Instagram’s success, and why it will continue to grow well into the foreseeable future.

Most importantly, I hope you take away the notion that Instagram is a platform you should really be taking seriously to grow your brand and business, and not just as some fad that your teenage daughter is obsessed with.

Happy #Hashtagging 🙂

Alex Klott

Alex has been in the Social Media marketing space since 2013 and has been focused specifically on Instagram since helping to accelerate an Instagram Marketing startup from 150 clients to over 800 clients in under a year and a half. He now helps businesses all over the world develop loyal and organic communities on Instagram by creating relevant and engaging content that captivates and inspires consumers to action.